♚ ;D

Dorian is a sexy brunette~ ... wait, what?!

Wait a minute. I just saw my layout in a huge screen. I think I'm having an epileptic seizure.



Srsly, I think I should change that layout, particularly because I wasn't able to add a header to it )': a header is a layout's sooooouuuul. My jouynal has no soul, deal with it.

I have greeeeaaat neeeeewwwwws gaiz, it seems that I'm going to cosplay. I hope so. I'm thinking about cosplaying Lenalee with her new uniform because it's just too cute, even though I don't like Lenalee that much, and I don't feel like crossplaying (even if I would love to be Allen >: but I just don't have money to buy a good wig and it wouldn't look good on me anyways). What do you think? (:

BTW, my fellow Wildeans, have you seen this?!

IDK, I mean, I like it but it doesn't look anything like what I imagine when I read the book. I mean, Dorian's blonde! But I fell in love with Benny when I saw him playing useless Prince Caspian and even more useless and annoying John Whittaker in Easy Virtue. I bet he will do a great job, he has a gift when it comes to playing spoiled boys, and YES, we have to admit that Dorian is spoiled and bitchy and we love it. Anyways, I hope it's good, and I just wonder how many years will it take it to reach my country :/ I bet I'll have to go the States just to watch it.

I need a second opinion, I feel like I'm being blinded by my love for Ben... D:


♚ Teh Unthinkable



Also, DGM was disappointing. Srsly, am I the only one who notices the drastic change in the drawing style? It used to be so pretty and now IDK it's almost ugly. I'm starting to suspect that it isn't Hoshino anymore, specially 'coz she never drew that kind of clothes before and now, look at them! The Noah look like drag queens! LOL I mean, Allen has always been a fag and I love him, but this is getting ridiculous.

Also, Kuroshitsuji was cool. I'm starting to wonder when will I get an actual PLOT, though. WTF, we have been like what? 5 months around the same arc? D:

BRB, gonna watch 17 Again 'coz I totally love Zac Efron. I just had to say it out loud.